Extend CRM to Web Banking, Email,& SMS Targeted Marketing Support for Web banking, Email,Mobile,And More


Extend CRM to Web Banking, Email, & SMS

Best practices in targeted marketing require that messages be personalized, consistent, and uniform across all retail delivery channels. For small and mid-size banks and credit unions, multi-channel marketing has become more of a challenge than an opportunity to engage with their customers. TEKchand changes that by extending the scope of our PwrCRM product to seamlessly support marketing and CRM on Web Banking, Email, and Digital Signage. Customers can now use PwrCRM+ to create, distribute, analyze and report on interactive targeted marketing campaigns implemented across all the supported channels.

For TEKchand, the evolution to multi-channel marketing has been natural given the flexible nature of the ATMLive Manager Platform. We were able to build on our 14 years of experience managing content and advertising on one of the most difficult and limiting self-service channels, the ATM. PwrCRM+ allows you to begin with the ATM and extend a consistent message to other self-service channels, Internet banking log-In and log-out events, banner ads, email marketing, and digital signage. One platform for all your retail delivery touch points guarantees a seamless experience for your customers.

Here are some examples of PwrCRM+ product capabilities:

webbankadpoints EmailMktingImage

Contact us today to learn more about the implementation requirements for PwrCRM+ and understand how TEKchand has made it easy and affordable for you to interact with customers at ALL their preferred banking channels.