Enhance the customer experience

and leverage the mobile channel.

ATM2Mobile Services

Link the ATM and Mobile Channels

Adoption of mobile has changed the dynamics and afforded banks with an opportunity to finally unlock the power of the ATM as a sales channel, easily and cost-effectively. To do this, ATM owners must think "Out of the ATM."

This means being able to trigger location sensitive personalized marketing messages, or being able to present call-to-action marketing messages at the ATM that seamlessly move the customer engagement and fulfillment of the offer to the mobile channel. Mobile delivery can include SMS, Email, or notification to banking applications.

From electronic receipts, to cross-channel marketing, to cardless cash, use ATM2Mobile (A2M) platform as middleware to build services that enhance the customer experience at the ATM and continue that experience and engagement from the ATM to the Mobile channel. Contact us  to learn more.

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  • Need a quick -to-market and affordable cross-channel ATM marketing solution?

    ATM2Mobile TM Marketer

  • ATM2Mobile TM Marketer is our flagship plug-n-play solution built on the A2M services platform.
  • With ATM2Mobile™ Marketer you can design, develop, deliver, and track the entire customer journey and engagement from the ATM to the Mobile channel. The platform is complete with CRM databases, mobile gateways, and a built-in web server for design and delivery of customized mobile-optimized Web Forms for response capture. Why read about it when you can see the ATM2Mobile Marketer in action. Watch the customer experience Videos


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