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TEKchand's ATMLive Manager Platform delivers the solutions you need for ATM marketing, management, and multi-channel interface.


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Products for ATM Marketing

For over 18 years TEKchand has been providing easy to use, quick to market, plug-n-play solutions to unlock the value in your ATM portfolio. Whether you need a solution for managing graphic content on your ATM screens, or more complex CRM and interactive targeted marketing, we have the right solution for you. Not only the right solution, but a solution that will work on ALL YOUR ATMs, without any hardware or software changes required.

ATM Content Manager

Manage your ATM marketing screens

Implement the basics with a powerful content development, distribution, and management solution for your ATM screens and receipts, including Welcome, Wait, Thank You, and Receipt Coupons. It is ATM Marketing Made Easy!

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Cardholder Preferences

Personalize the ATM user experience

Enhance the customer experience with a server-side solution for managing cardholder preferences for Language, Account Type, Favorite Transaction, Fast Cash Amount, Receipt Preference, and more.

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Interact with customers at the ATM

Finally, a sophisticated solution that will generate sales leads and enable you to take advantage of new revenue opportunities at the ATM with real-time 1-to-1 interactive targeted messages. Our PwrCRM target marketing application takes your ATM Portfolio to the next level… go from mass-marketing impressions to highly personalized targeted interactions!

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Products for ATM Operations

The ability to efficiently manage multiple hardware and software environments on a wide variety of ATM configurations continues to present a challenge for many ATM operations departments. While there is an abundant supply of remote management solutions available, very few fit in the glass slipper of today's contrasting hardware environment. Enterprise solutions are too broadly focused and vendor specific tools are too narrowly focused.

TEKchand's product suite for ATM operations has been designed with multi-vendor portfolios in mind. Our 18 years of experience in providing solutions for major US processors will help you save time and money, and significantly reduce manual efforts. We have the solution that will fit your needs.

Electronic Journal Manager

Simplify claims management

EJ Manager delivers a complete solution for managing electronic journals. The ATM application-specific business rules are pre-configured, allowing for a unified approach for guaranteed and consistent capture, parsing, and presentation of data, regardless of device manufacturer.

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Asset Manager Lite

Remotely manage your ATMs

The Asset Manager Lite application helps increase efficiency of ATM operations with a complete toolset which includes the capture of asset inventory information, software distribution, and remote device control.

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Cross channel Products

Digital convergence means that bank customers today demand instant recognition, electronic receipts, and a seamless experience across all Self-Service channels. Whether you ensure an offer that is accepted or declined at the ATM channel is not presented again at an I-Banking login, or presenting a promotional offer in one channel, and allowing customers to respond through another, today's CRM means that channels do not operate in silos.

TEKchand is expanding the ATMLive Manager product suite to move Cross-Channel and Multi-Channel, providing the ONLY platform you need for comprehensive content management and CRM on any retail banking digital channel.

Electronic Receipts

Realize the power of mobile delivery

TEKchand provides you with a comprehensive solution for electronic receipts to enhance the customer experience and Go Paperless! Product features include the ability to onboard customer preferences via multiple channels, ability to target market on the digital receipt real-estate, a document center for your internet banking, multiple 3rd party gateway options for Email and SMS messaging, and an extensive API Library.

We have thought of everything so you can get started quickly!

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ATM2Mobile TM Services

Link the ATM & Mobile Channels

ATM2Mobile (“A2M”) is a set of Web Services and APIs for building solutions that enable the cross-channel integration of the ATM with online channels. From electronic receipts, to cross-channel marketing, to cardless cash, you can design services that enhance the customer experience at the ATM and continue that experience and engagement from the ATM to the Mobile channel. A2M platform can be licensed as a standalone solution or as middleware for your digital channel strategy.

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Extend CRM to Web Banking, Email, & SMS

PwrCRM+ is our new adpoint extension for PwrCRM delivering both mass marketing and targeted advertising for Digital Signage and Web Banking. The system delivers mass marketing adpoints at logon ⁄ logo alongwith pop-up and banner ads, but also includes the Platform's features of CRM based targeted banner and pop-up ads with the ability to collect responses for sales lead generation.

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