ATM Content Management Made Easy

No ATM or Host changes required; ACM manages it all

ATMContent Manager

ATMContent Manager is a comprehensive management and delivery system for multi-vendor ATMs. It is built on powerful reservation system that is accessed via an intuitive web-based user interface. It is designed with your marketing department in mind. With ATMContent Manager, you can manage your ATM screens and receipt content on a schedule, or in real-time, with support of graphics for all primary marketing screens. It is ATM Marketing made Easy!

ATMContent Manager Advantages

  • Multiple Device Support Eliminates Redundancy - Multi-vendor ATM differences are seamlessly managed by one application, causing multiple vendor specific platforms to disappear and a reduction in training issues.
  • Powerful Campaign Management System - There are a number of ways by which campaigns can be targeted including language, location, time, and BIN.
  • Local Screen Customization - Overlay graphics on the key marketing screens or the entire ATM Consumer Flow without host changes.
  • Manage your ATMs Without Compromising Security - Provide access to other departments, without compromising system security, with a multi-administrative structure.
  • No Need to Create Multiple Formats or Resolutions - Users can create one standard image and our Auto Image Conversion feature will automatically resize and reformat.
  • Comprehensive Analytics - Users can monitor, track, and report current campaign performance, in addition to viewing historical campaign performance.
  • Third Party Advertising Support - As a way of creating additional revenue, a separate web module and campaign reservation system allows advertisers to schedule and self-manage campaigns.

Current supported devices in production

  • Diebold TCS Plus™, Agilis™ 2.x, 3.x
  • Diebold Vista 3.x, 5.x, FDK
  • NCR AANDC™ 2.x, 3.x, EDGE™ 2.x, 3.x, 5x and ITM
  • Wincor ProCash™
  • Hyosung Moneypass2™
  • Proprietary ATM Applications