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    Enhance the customer experience and leverage the mobile channel.
    TEKchand offers a complete end-to-end solution for electronic receipts ("eReceipts") with a multi-channel approach that ensures your customers get the most out of their banking experience. The solution allows you to a) use Web Banking, ATM, and/or SMS for customer onboarding and electronic receipt opt-in, b) use Web Banking Document Center, EMAIL, and/or TEXT for electronic receipt delivery, and 3) use your own existing SMS/EMAIL message gateways or use what we provide out of the box. We make it easy so that you can get to market quickly! TEKchand provides fully brand-able, easy to integrate Web Widgets for setting receipt preferences as well as a fully pluggable document center for your internet banking platform. Your customers enjoy a seamless cross-channel experience, and you get to market quickly without any development. The Electronic Receipts solution can also easily integrate with the TEKchand PwrCRM product. This powerful feature enables the inclusion of targeted marketing messages (text or graphic) on the electronic receipt header and trailers. The receipt header/trailer message can take the form of a coupon or an offer with hyperlinks to a web form or an URL.
    • Register for electronic receipts on Mobile via TEXT. The Interactive Text Response (ITR) system can be configured to allow users to select a) SMS/TEXT, b) EMAIL, or c) Online Web Banking Document Center, as the mode of receiving the electronic receipts
    • NO CHANGE IN THE CORE ATM APPLICATION OR USER FLOW...only the Receipt Screen is changed to inform the ATM user that (if registered) they will receive a paperless receipt regardless of decision to receive a physical receipt.
    • Pre-defined Email templates for easy eReceipt message development with full integration with PwrCRM+ for targeted marketing Ad Points for Banner Ads and Receipt Header and Trailer marketing messages.
    Call or email us today to learn more about the implementation requirements for Electronic Receipts. Understand how we have made it both easy and affordable for any size financial institution to offer electronic receipts to their customers.