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    ATMContent Manager
    Cardholder Preferences
    For over 14 years TEKchand has been providing easy to use, quick to market, plug-n-play solutions to unlock the value in your ATM portfolio. Whether you need a solution for managing graphic content on your ATM screens, or more complex CRM and interactive targeted marketing, we have the right solution for you. Not only the right solution, but a solution that will work on ALL YOUR ATMs, without any hardware or software changes required.
    ATMContent Manager Manage your ATM marketing screens
    Implement the basics with a powerful content development, distribution, and management solution for your ATM screens and receipts, including Welcome, Wait, Thank You, and Receipt Coupons. It is ATM Marketing Made Easy!
    Cardholder Preferences Personalize the ATM user experience
    Enhance the customer experience with a server-side solution for managing cardholder preferences for Language, Account Type, Favorite Transaction, Fast Cash Amount, Receipt Preference, and more.
    PwrCRM Interact with customers at the ATM
    Finally, a sophisticated solution that will generate sales leads and enable you to take advantage of new revenue opportunities at the ATM with real-time 1-to-1 interactive targeted messages. Our PwrCRM target marketing application takes your ATM Portfolio to the next level… go from mass-marketing impressions to highly personalized targeted interactions!
    Products are modular and can be configured to allow for a phased implementation approach.
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